2015 Stallions
SC Sport Horses is pleased to offer in 2015, the following two stallions for your consideration -  Half Moon
Romance and Rio's Blueprint.  ***Please note that Riot has been officially retired from breeding. Each
stallion was selected for use in our Sport Horse breeding program based on his pedigree, athleticism,
character, conformation,temperament, versatility, performance and progeny.  Our goal, here at SCSH, is to
produce exceptional quality Sport Horses, capable of excelling in all venues - from hunter/jumper, dressage
and eventing, to driving, line classes and racing.  

All of our stallions are available by AI (shipped fresh cooled) and are also available by Live Cover.  Our
stallions are collected on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Special arrangements can be made to
collect on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, depending on availability/show schedule of the stallion.  
SCSH must be notified in advance if special arrangements need to be made.  Please note that there is a
per-collection charge of $250.00 CDN for all AI breedings
, payable to collection facility.  

24 hrs
minimum notice must be given prior to any collection.  Semen is available for pick-up at our farm
during business hours.  *Mare owners are responsible to arrange the shipping of
the semen.  We suggest
all mare owners have a FedEx, Purolator or UPS account.  

*Please note that we do NOT offer mare care, though we can assist with boarding arrangements nearby.

SCSH requires that
all paperwork (breeding contracts, mare care forms, semen order forms etc.) be
completed and returned PRIOR to mare's arrival at the farm or semen is shipped out.  
*All booking,
breeding and collection fees must be paid before mares are bred or semen is shipped out - no exceptions.

We offer early booking and multiple mare discounts on all stallions, as well as other special discounts,
depending on the stallion and/or mare.

We look forward to serving you this breeding season!

***SCSH reserves the right to refuse to breed any mare we feel is unsuitable, or not consistent with the
goals of our breeding program.***

Rio's Blueprint - 2015 Stud Fee $750.00
Half Moon Romance - 2015 Stud Fee $500.00, or $250.00 for pony mares.