Stephanie Cook
       Stephanie's passion for horses has been a lifelong one.  Stephanie began riding at a
very young age, and at eight years old was enrolled in a formal lesson program with Jacky
Oulton of Dukeries Arabian Horse Farm, where she spent most of her childhood and teen
years.  Stephanie was an active Pony Clubber, competing in rallies, Regional Dressage
and Showjumping Championships and was a member of several teams that represented
Ontario at National Quiz events.  After her Pony Club days, Stephanie continued to
advance her riding skills under different coaches and clinicians, and continues to do so
even today.  Over the years, Stephanie has started many horses and ponies in a variety of
disciplines, and thoroughly enjoys working with the youngsters.  Another discipline that
Stephanie is actively involved in is driving.  She has spent time training Standardbred
racehorses as well as pleasure driving horses for clients.  

    Today Stephanie's passion is in her Sport Horse breeding program, standing her
stallions, training and showing line horses and also in developing dressage horses and
hunters.  Stephanie is lucky to have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of
the best in the equine repro world, including Debra Ottier of Iron Horse Equine, who has
been a wonderful mentor.  Thanks to what she's learned from Debra, Stephanie now
assists other stallion owners in teaching them how to properly and safely handle their
stallions in the breeding shed, as well as how to collect them on the phantom and on the
ground.  Stephanie is honored to have had the privilege of handling some wonderful
stallions for their owners over the last several years.  

    Stephanie plans on continuing her career showing line horses, and will be handling
several horses at the Royal Winter Fair as well as Dressage At Devon.  She would be
happy to meet with potential clients looking to have their breeding stock prepped and
shown on the line or at breed inspections.  

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Visiting with F1 CSHA Premium stallion, Riot