Here at SCSH we specialize in training horses to show on the line (or halter), whether it be
for breed shows, inspections or model classes.  Horses/ponies of all ages/sizes are
accepted.  Stallions are welcome.  Our full training program consists of working one-on-one
with each horse/pony daily.  Horses are taught to stand tied quietly, ground manners, to
jog-off when asked, to 'set-up' and stand, bath, clip, vacuum, longe (if requested) and to
load/unload onto the trailer.  Training is also offered for hunters, jumpers, dressage and
event horses with Shelby and Stephanie.  Prices depend on type of program required.  
Please inquire for pricing.
L to R : Owner/trainer Stephanie Cook and 'Fabulous' , Stephanie and former partner Shenannigans (now
retired) at Regional Dressage Championships, 1999.  Stephanie specializes in line horses and
hunter/jumpers, but also enjoys working with dressage horses and eventers

Showing on the line and under saddle is also available for horses in training with us, here at
SCSH.  We also offer, on a limited basis, showing of horses that are not in full training.  The
list of 2012 shows we will be attending is now available.  Contact Stephanie directly to book
us to show your horse/pony this year.  

accepts consignment sale horses on a very limited basis.  If you have a horse/pony
that you would like to sell, contact us for details about our Sales Program.  Horses/ponies
selected for our Sales Program will be advertised on our site, as well as other internet sites
and SCSH will handle all arrangements for marketing, viewing and trials.
 SCSH accepts a
10% commission on the final sale of each horse/pony sold through our program.
Horse/ponies selected for our Sales Program do not have to be boarded at SCSH.
Preference for selection will be given to offspring of our stallions.   


Breeding to our two stallions - Half Moon Romance & Rio's Blueprint, is available by AI or
Live Cover (depending on availability).  For more information on each stallion, contracts,
fees and collection days, please visit our
Stallion Station.

Standing Outside Stallions

also stands outside stallions, for owners wishing to stand their stallions to the public
or privately.  We also offer phantom training, for stallions who's owners would like to offer
AI on their stallions.  We offer a full program including hands on training  (on the phantom
or live cover), inspection or show prep, marketing, contract writing, arranging
bookings/breedings and shipping semen to mare owners.  If you're looking for some
assistance in standing your stallion, please contact us for details and pricing for our
Outside Stallion program.  

Coaching is available both at home and at shows to students with their own mounts (or a
horse leased from SCSH).  Coaching is scheduled in the form of weekly lessons.  Lessons
are 60 minutes and do not overlap.  Only private or semi-private lessons are available (no
groups).  Students are expected to have horses warmed up prior to beginning of lesson.  24
hours notice must be given for any lesson cancellations.  Limited lesson spots currently
available.  Please inquire for further info and pricing.  
Stephanie and former student Allison
Cadwallader and large pony Lady's Echo.
Student Taryn Rizopoulos & Lacey
Cando Picture Me - rare frame, sabino and rabicano Anglo-Arabian
stallion that we worked with.
Stephanie doing a jumping clinic at Willow Creek Stables